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Central Pattaya

Posted in Districts of Pattaya on 15 March 2016

Where: This area is the central area of the city and located between North Pattaya Road and South Pattaya Road. Development in this area started back in the mid to late seventies.

For Whom:

  • For those that want all local amenities such as banks, shops, bars and restaurants close by and within walking distance.
  • For those whose main attraction is the famous Pattaya nightlife with bars, clubs and restaurants on hand as well as being close to Walking Street.
  • For those who do not have their own transport. In the town center there are many Baht Buses that travel down Second Road and along Beach Road, a large number of motorbike taxis can be found almost on every corner.
  • For those who want to buy for investment. The demand for rental properties in the middle of town is always there even in the low season, with many nationalities looking for accommodation.

Beach: The beach in this area is the busiest but not the cleanest so not making swimming a great choice. It is great for sitting and relaxing while enjoying the sea breeze. To enjoy cleaner waters you can easily hire a boat to take you out to the islands and clearer waters.

Attractions and Leisure: Central Pattaya has just about everything you need with an almost endless list of things to do. There are places you can go to escape the heat of the day such as 3D Gallery Art in Paradise, Teddy Bear Museum, Ripley’s and a wax work museum in Royal Garden Plaza. There are also bowling alleys available in various locations. There are also several cinemas plus the famous ladyboy shows at Tiffanys and Alcazar. In addition there are large number of massage parlors offering differing levels of services at various prices. We cannot talk about Central Pattaya without mentioning the famous nightlife. As well as Walking Street there are Sois 7 and 8 where the alcohol flows all day long and you can easily find some female company. The center of town and the waterfront are teh location for some great celebrations and events such as Songkran, New Year, the International Fireworks Festival and the annual bed race to name a few.

Supermarkets/Markets: The biggest shopping malls in the city are Central Festival, Mikes Shopping Mall, Royal Garden Plaza and The Avenue. There is also a large electronic outlet call Tuk Com where you can find almost anything from copy mobile phones to the latest cameras and computer equipment. The main supermarkets are mainly Thai , there is Big C and Big C Extra and these have some imported foods from Europe and Japan. In addition there is also Tops, Foodland, Villa Market and Friendship all with foods that will appeal to the Westerners. There are various markets to be found in the center of Pattaya from large markets to small local markets selling fresh produce. In Soi Buakhao there is a large market held on Tuesdays and Fridays. There is a night market situated between Second and Third Roads. An indoor market can be found opposite Central Festival called Pattaya Night Bazaar where you can buy clothes and souvenirs.

Restaurants: There are a wide variety of restaurants available offering a number of different cuisines, from French, German, Italian, Korean and Japanese. The price range is almost as big as the variety of cuisines. A large number of restaurants can be found in Central Festival and Royal Garden Plaza but there are an abundance of invidual establishments. Here is a small selection: Hopf Brewhouse – this is a great pub offering great beers and delicious cuisine which is located on the Beach Road close to Royal Garden Plaza. For Russian cuisine there is the Prisoner of the Caucasus and Caravan, the first being near to the Alcazar and the second close to the Tiffany Show. There are also a number of French restaurants and in Walking Street you will find some fantastic seafood restaurants overlooking the bay. Another place you should visit is Chubu, here they have a special roaster where they can simultaneously cook soup, meat, squid, and fish. For a price of 200 – 500 Baht there is unlimited access to the buffet. There are a number of such place on Third Road.

Sport: In Central Pattaya there is a good selection of of fitness centers with Tony’s Gym being the main one. This is a two storey air conditioned gym, with an outdoor area, tennis, basketball and badminton courts, plus a sauna and swimming pools. Annual membership is around 8000 Baht.

Public Transport: Beach Road and Second Rod are one way streets. From South Pattaya Road the Baht Buses go to Jomtien and Pratumnak and to North Pattaya in the opposite direction. The Baht Buses run frequently all through the day until very late at night. They also go to Sukhumvit Road but not as frequently.

The Property: The cost of real estate in the city center tends to be higher than surrounding areas. However, the profitability of the apartments is also high due to the popularity and demand as well as being easily rented all year round.

  • Summary:
  • Advantages - Great infrastructure, opportunities for quality and comfortable lifestyle. Also opportunity to get good returns on the property as very easily rented. High quality buildings.
  • Disadvantages - Higher prices than other areas. Less peace and quite than other parts of the city. Quality of beach.

Property in Central Pattaya

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