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Posted in Districts of Pattaya on 15 March 2016

This is a very quite and pleasant area also known as Big Buddha Hill. The area has quite a lot of greenery plus and nice park with a joggers path. From here both the city center and Walking Street are very accessible.

Where: This area is the headland that separates Pattaya and Jomtien.

For Whom:

  • For those that are looking for the best of both worlds having nice clean beaches and also being close to to the city center.
  • For those that wish to live in a more green area that is seen to be a more respectable area and a prestigious area to live.
  • For those who wish to have great views without paying over the top for a first time property. The location of the hill and the height of some the buildings offer some fantastic views over the city and bay of Pattaya.

Beaches: Obviously this area is hilly and due to this the beaches are often separarted by small stone braids.The most popular beaches are Cliff Bay by the Royal Cliff Hotel, Cozy Beach and the beach in the Soi 5 area plus Dong Tang beach close to Pattaya Park, The beaches here are quieter and cleaner than the neighbouring beaches of Pattaya and Jomtien. The Sheraton and Royal Cliff hotels have their own beaches with free sunbeds nd clean waters. The beaches in the other areas on the hill tend to be a little more crowded.

Sights: The Big Buddha Temple is located on the top of the hill and is crowned by a large statue of the seated Buddha surrounded by more smaller statuesdepicting his life. There is also a park dedicated to the history and culture of China where you can see the Bodhisattva Guanyin, great Lao Tzu and find a Chinese sanctuary. On the side of the hill overlooking the town is a fitness area with an outdoor gym and observation deck. Another highlight is the Birds and Bees complex which is a well known restaurant in splendid surroundings and rabbits running free.

Supermarkets/Markets: There are a number of Tesco Lotus Express locted throughout the hill. In the region of Pattaya Park Hotel there is quite a large market. Here you will find clothing, food and cafes and it caters mainly for the Russian tourists. Between Sois 4 and 5 there is a small Thai market.

Restaurants: Up on Pratumank Hill there are a good number of cafes and restaurants many of which have a great reputation. As already mentioned is the Birds and Bees resort home to flambouantly named “Cabbage and Condoms”. This is a very well known restaurant with wooden terraces overlooking the sea. For Russian speakers there is Uzbekistan Lazzat which offers superb Uzbek and Russian cuisine. One of the newer restaurants to appear on the Hill is the Chocolate Factory which is located behind the Cozy Beach Hotel ans as the name suggests the desserts are extra special. The reason behind this is due to the famous French chef and chocolatier Eric Perez.

Sport: Up on the hill there is a 1.5 km running track which offers superb views of both the city and out to sea. There is also an outdoors gym at the top of the hill next to the Police Box where early morning or evening workouts are the best. There is also a branch of Tonys Gym to be found. For something a little more relaxing there is a 9 hole golf course next tp the Asia Hotel.

Public Transport: There are Baht buses available on the hill but not in the same numbers as other areas. However, there are a number of motor bike taxis available.

The Property: This is one of the most prestigious areas of Pattaya and at times is even known as the Beverly Hills of Pattaya. This is mainly due to the location and the area being well maintained due to the Royal Residence. Almost all the land has now been brought up and used for modern condo developments. The lack of land and space to build more condos means that prices will rise due to demand.

  • Summary:
  • Advantages - The ability to have a comfortable lifestyle while being close to the city center and good beaches. A great selection of differing condo complexes ranging from the oldeer established building to the newer and more modern developments.
  • Disadvantages - the need to use taxis if yo do not have your own transport.

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