Denis Minko
General Manager
South Pattaya

Posted in Districts of Pattaya on 15 March 2016

A good area with decent infrastructure and close to the city center, but it is not too expensive.

Where: South Pattaya includes those developments that are found south of Thepprassit Road, as well as those from Second Road up to the Sukhumvit Road.

For Who:

  • For those wanting to be close to the city center and the related infrastructure.
  • For those want to buy a quality property, in a convenient location while saving money at the same time.

Beaches: This area does not really have its own beaches but has easy access to a number of neighbouring beaches such as the main Pattaya Beach, Jomtien and Dong Tang beaches too.

Attractions and Leisure: One of the stand out features of this location is the easy access to all the sights, entertainment areas and temples of the midtown and other local areas such as Pratumnak Hill. This area also has some well known attractions of its own such as the Colosseum which is home to Pattayas newest cabaret show. There is also the fantasy game the “Escape Hunt Experience” where by solving various clues you escape from locked rooms. This is a very fashionable past time now.

Supermarkets / Markets: The most famous and probable the biggest market in this area is the night market located on Thepprassit Road. This is on every weekend, Friday to Sunday from 6 PM to 11 PM. Here you will find most things from clothes and shoes to an enorous variety of pre-pared foods. Further down the same road is another market which sells mainly food and fruit and is found next to the Colloseum and is open every evening. On South Pattaya Road there is a large market almost opposite the temple and is very active in the evening. Close by is the Soi Bua Khao market which is open on a Tuesday and Friday and is popular with both foreigners and locals. If electronics are your thing then there is Tuk Com where you can get anything from phones, cameras and computers. South Pattaya also accommodates two large supermarkets, these being Big C and Tesco Lotus both found on the Sukhumvit Road. Other popular supermarkets are Friendship on South Pattaya Road where a large number of foreign brands and products can be found. Also another branch of Foodland is due to built on Thepprassit Road in the not to distant future.

Restaurants: South Pattaya is home to a number of small restaurants with many being of good quality and different cuisines. These range from Italian, French and even Mexican. Others will do a variety of quality foods including Brunos and Momento.

Sport: In South Pattaya there are a number of gyms available with Tony’s on Third Road being the largest. In addition theer are also a number of Thai boxing schools as well as dance studios too.

Public Transport: Again the main form of transport in the area is the Baht Bus which will head to North Pattaya, Jomtien and some to the Sulkhumvit Road. Of course there are a number of motorbike taxis available on almost every other street corner.

The Property: Prices in South Pattaya tend to be lower than those found in the city center and even Jomtien. The main properties available are houses, town houses or guest houses and hotels. The number of condominiums in the area has certainly increased over the last few years and tend to be more often than not high rise buildings.

  • Summary:
  • Advantages - good location supported by a developed infrastructure with prices the compare favourably to neighbouring areas.
  • Disadvantages - The area does not border directly onto a beach and the choice of condominiums can be seen a slimited when compared to other areas.

Property in South Pattaya

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