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Posted in Districts of Pattaya on 15 March 2016

Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is one of the most famous resort towns in Thailand and is located on the south east coast. This town attracts many tourists, travelers and backpackers as well as those that choose to spend the winter months here as well as those that have now made Pattaya their home. Pattaya does not always appeal to everybody but it does have a real cosmopolitan and international feel to it.

Pattaya has a great variety of leisure activities, beaches and islands where you can relax and enjoy this tropical paradise and of course there is the world famous nightlife. After being re-elected as Mayor Khun Ittiphonu Kunplymu was asked how many people actually live in Pattaya. His response was to laugh and then admit he did not know. Numbers that have be given range from as little three hundred thousand, however, Immigration authorities think the number is at least double this amount. From varying studies and looking at the consumption of water and electricity it has been estimated that there are any where between 1.2 and 1.5 million people in Pattaya on any one day.

Pattaya is not just made up of two main streets near to the beach with shops, hotels and restaurants but is in fact made up of several different areas which all vary from each other. These vary from busy suburbs, quiet area as well as areas with great beaches but all within 15 minutes drive of each other. Some areas are basically made of up of villages, villas and homes to the thousand of people from different countries that have made Pattaya their home.

Pattaya is not only a mecca for its famous nightlife and sex tourism but it also host a number of internationally recognized competitions and events which includes world class tennis, golf, jet ski racing as well as yachting regattas to name but a few. In addition there is an international fireworks competition plus two large music festivals. With each year that passes there are more and more family orientated places opening up such as the water parks. As well as the beaches there are parks, horse riding, shooting ranges, fishing lakes and various water and motor sports.

According to official figures 6.5 million tourist visit Pattaya every year which is a fifth of all tourist that come to the Kingdom of Thailand and this figures is still on the increase. This trend has attracted the interest of major investors and players in both the tourism and retail markets as well as property. This can be seen with the number of new projects and infrastructure improvements. Already this year 2016 has seen the new Ramayana water park finished as well as the opening of the Harbor Mall in central Pattaya which will be the home to an ice rink, snow park and many other attractions. In addition the owners of the most popular mall in Bangkok “Terminal 21” have started work on a new construction at the crossroads of Second Road, Naklua Road and North Road. When finished this will be the largest shopping and entertainment mall in Pattaya. In addition to all this there is the modern high speed rail link to be developed between Bangkok and Pattaya.

Pattaya has many different faces and is a great place to purchase property with a large variety of properties on offer from small studio apartments to large villas and with the continued development of Pattaya makes for a great investment.


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